Suspension Repairs & Maintenance

Yours car’s suspension is an area of importance. It affects how smooth and comfortable the ride and handling is, and is very important in relation to the safety aspect of the vehicle. Without a properly maintained and functioning suspension you can suffer adverse effects on your car’s braking, handling, and acceleration, as well as unnecessary tyre wear. Making sure your suspension system is maintained and in good working order is therefore vital.

What are some of the key functions of your suspension?

The maintenance of your car’s suspension system will be of vital importance to how your car handles and behaves on the road. Making sure it is working properly will not only make your car safer but will also help reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Why it is important to get regular suspension checkups?

The suspension is vital to the safety and performance of your vehicle. This part of your car puts tyres in contact with the road, therefore, the suspension plays a vital role in how your car handles. If your suspension is in poor condition, this will result in more uneven tyre wera, which will further compromise vehicle safety. If you don’t have a well maintained suspension system you will notice this more with sudden braking or even sharp braking or even sharp turning of the vehicle, hence putting yourself and other at risk.

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