Specialists in Auto Gas Conversion, LPG Service & Repairs and Car Servicing since 1985

Although we founded the company in 1985, as a family owned company dedicated to providing mechanical repairs and services, we could see that there were many economic and environmental advantages that LPG gas conversion would benefit Melbourne customers. We undertook extensive accreditation and training to perform auto gas conversion, we then commenced our new and improved business model. Back in 1985 we had the foresight and envisioned the great opportunity and demand for environmentally friendly alternative that LPG has to offer. So that we could help our Melbourne and South Eastern suburb clients benefit from this service were by converting to a professional LP Gas fitment would half their weekly fuel bill.

Because of our honest approach and quality workmanship our reputation as a leading provider of LPG conversion in Dandenong and South East suburb of Melbourne has expanded throughout Victoria and other states. We are able to perform an honest and professional diagnosis in an efficient manner. We have a range of customers from individuals to small, medium and large businesses and various new car dealerships that have supported us over the years. We are authorised to perform car gas conversion for Ford, GMH Mazda, Mitsubishi and Toyota and many makes and models including European cars. In addition to our work on car conversion to gas, we have also converted a large number of commercial vehicles to auto gas such as Online Distribution 280 vans, Cheap as Chips 125 vans. Tasty Trucks 60 specially designed dedicated gas systems etc. We are constantly monitoring the industry for up to date procedures and supplying the latest technical innovations and procedures. We always endorse changes to our industry to enhance the safety and quality of our work.

Professional LPG conversion, South East Dandenong based

We take our responsibilities to our customers and the wider society very seriously. Our reputation providing high quality LPG gas conversions in Melbourne, is something that we are very proud of. Being an accredited member of the AFSACS – (Vic Roads) VicRoads Alternative Fuel Systems Assessment and Certification Scheme (AFSACS) is another element that lets our customers know that they are dealing with a professional auto gas conversion company of the highest calibre. In 1993 the AFSACS – (Vic Roads) VicRoads Alternative Fuel Systems Assessment and Certification Scheme (AFSACS) was established under Victoria’s Standards for Registration as set out in Schedule 8 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 1989 to ensure that all LP Gas (Auto gas) conversions on motor vehicles in Victoria are carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

On 1 January 2020, responsibility for regulating and supporting the alternative fuels industry transferred from the Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board (AAFRB) to VicRoads.

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