Peugeot Car Service in Dandenong

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Our team of enthusiasts at All Tek Automotives are not only qualified and professional in regards to maintaining your Peugeot and other European cars; they are delighted by it! That’s why we’ve been operating proudly in Dandenong since 1985.

When it comes to keeping your Peugeot in the best possible condition, you need to take care of it. This involves regular servicing by mechanics and car servicing specialists who are experienced with luxury cars and European vehicles, like the professionals at All Tek Automotives.

Even after three decades, we remain a family operated company. With over 30 years industry experience and knowledge as well as accreditation to perform a number of services including Peugeot car service, auto gas conversion and LPG service, you can be assured your car is in the best hands with us. Operating Monday to Friday, we aim to provide all our clients with the most cost-effective, friendly service and repairs for all your automotive needs!

Don’t compromise when it comes to the health of your Peugeot – contact the experts at All Tek Automotives for your next Peugeot car service today.

European Cars, Auto Gas Conversion and LPG Specialists Since 1985

Our company was founded in Dandenong in 1985 as a family owned operation. We are dedicated to providing quality and cost effective mechanical services and repairs, specialising in European cars. Since our early days, we noticed the many economic and enviornmental advantages that LPG gas conversion has to offer.

This is how we developed and commenced our business model. We undertook extensive accreditation and training to perform auto gas conversion so we could asisst our interetsed clients in converting to a professional LPG fitment that would half their weekly fuel bills!

If you want to learn more information about whether this service is right for your Peugeot, how LPG conversion can benefit your vehicle and your lifestyle, the LPG conversion process and LPG Repair and maintenance then visit our website or contact our friendly team today!

Efficient and Cost Effective Automotive Services in Dandenong

Routine servicing of your vehicle should not feel like a major burden in terms of time and money. We want to leave our customers satisfied with the state of their luxury vehicles – not shocked by last minute extra fees. Whether you are in need of Peugeot repairs or a Peugeot car service we do our best to provide a high quality and cost-effective standard as well as free quotes upfront.

It is because of our honest approach and quality workmanship that our reputation as a leading provider of LPG conversion in Dandenong and South East suburbs of Dandenong – has expanded throughout Victoria and other states.

PHONE : 03 8900 0290

Visit Our Peugeot Service Centre

You can expect the same genuine and high quality service every time you visit our Peugeot Service Centre. Putting our 30+ years of industry experience to use, we will ensure your Peugeot always leaves our shop in better condition than it arrived in.

All Tek Automotives in the Dandenong is your one-stop shop for all your Peugeot repairs, Peugeot car service and general mechanical needs. Our friendly specialists are available to perform routine maintenance in an efficient manner that does not compromise on quality!
We also offer numerous other services and where appropriate will consult with you to ensure our services meet all your individual needs.

  • Scheduled Car Service – logbooks
  • Service for all European cars
  • LPG Conversion, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Transmission service, repairs and replacement – auto and manual
  • Roadworthy certificates
  • Brake and clutch service and replacement
  • Service for all European cars
  • Air conditioning systems
  • New Tyres
  • General repairs and service

This is simply a brief overview. Please visit our Services page for more comprehensive details and a greater list of our auto services

For a hassle-free and efficient service for your car, contact the team at All Tek Automotives today! We welcome all questions and enquiries from new and long-term customers.

We also provide Renault servicing in Dandenong, if you’re looking for a specialist for your car then contact us today!

PHONE : 03 8900 0290