What is STOPPING you?

Brakes play a vital roll on your vehicle. By performing a scheduled regular service to maintain your vehicle in good, reliable condition, the brakes on your vehicle would be inspected and monitored for wear and efficiency. This will ensure the safety for you and your family for a safe journey every time.

We only ever recommend and use proven quality brake pads and discs to get the best stopping power and performance. We believe it is vitally important as a metre or even sometimes a centrimetre of braking distance could be fatal in avoiding an accident.

Simply put brake pads are made of friction lined material bonded on metal plates. As the brakes gets used the friction lining wears out and the metal plates get closer to the discs. It is recommended that the pads be replaced when the lining is less than 3mm thin.

When replacing new brake pads it is strongly advisable to either machine the discs, so that the quality and the longevity of the brakes are extended and this also eliminates brake pedal and steering shudder when applying brakes.

Brake fluid plays a big roll in the braking system as this is the method used to extend the pistons on the brake calliper whenever you press the brake pedal.

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