Gas Conversion for all Makes Including Imports

At All-Tek Automotives, we pride ourselves on the high quality workmanship and overall customer service we offer to our clients.

We are fully accredited auto gas installers and members of the AAFRB ( Automotive Alternative Fuel Registration Board), so all our gas conversion is done to conform to the relevant safety standards.

According to the registration requirements of Vic Roads, all LPG installations must comply with the technical requirements of the version of Australian Standard AS 1425 current at the time of conversion and be fitted with an acceptable LPG Compliance Plate. At All-Tek Automotives, our dedicated professional crew performs all auto gas conversions with the utmost diligence and we would never cut corners. As members of the AAFRB, we are always up to date on relevant technical and legal issues concerning car gas conversion

Gas conversions for all cars

We can provide auto gas conversion for all types of transmissions and engine sizes. For auto, manual, V8, V6, 4, 5 cylinder and pretty much any other engine. We are able to offer gas conversions to all makes and models of cars, including:

We offer Gas Conversion for :

Quality Professional Service for all makes of vehicles. Ask us how you too can save $$$$.